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Become the published author of a bestselling book!

The full Write a Book in a Week program consists of 4 different modules. Three of them are also sold separately, so you can pick & choose the ones you need!

Plan Your Book

Connect with the story inside of you and discover your purpose for writing a book. Good books are structured in a way that makes them a success.

Write Your Book

You'll learn how to write your entire book in under one actual week using our unique and proven system.

Publish Your Book

Writing the book is easy - now the fun begins. We will share our insights and a proven step-by-step guide through the publishing world. You will hold your own printed book in your hands sooner than you might think.

Sell Your Book

Being a published author can open many doors for you that remained closed before. We'll show you how you can use your book to increase your income. We've seen people double and triple their income after publishing their book!

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About Write A Book in a Week

Want to become known as the expert in your field, grow your career and business and live the life of your dreams? The answer is simple. Write a book!

The Idea

Write a Book in a Week shares my story of becoming a best selling author, and all the benefits becoming an author can have to all areas of your life. I’ve turned my experience into a proven method, which will guide you to write your book in about a week’s time, publish and sell it! Are you ready to become a best seller?

The Program

Write a Book in a Week is an online course and coaching program to help anyone become a published author. This program has already been called one of the most crucial resources in the world when it comes to quickly and easily writing, publishing and selling your book! What would it mean for you, your business and your career to be able to say you’re a best selling author?